A Cougar as seen in Big Cat Savannah

Cougars are members of the big cat family. The cougar is also known as Mountain Lion, Puma, Catamount, Mexican Lion, and Panther. Cougars are native to the Americas. They feed mostly on animals like deer, elk, and bighorn in the wild. Cougar cubs are raised only by the mother. The cubs leave their mother when they are young adults and attempt to establish their own territory. Predators of cougars are humans, jaguars, gray wolves, American black bears, and Grizzly bears. Most subspecies of cougar are endangered due to habitat destruction and both legal and illegal hunting. Like Lions and Tigers, cougars hae been known to attack people. Although they resemble the domestic cat, the cougar is the size of an adult human. It is not Known whether or not cougars breed successfuly in captivity.