Lions are members of the Big cat family. They are the only animals on World Of Zoo where you can tell the difference between the male and the female, due to the male lion's mane. Lions are the only cats that live in family groups called prides. A baby lion, as with all big cats is called a cub. In the pride the job of the female lions or lionesses is to raise the cubs and hunt for food, while the male lion's job is to mate with the lionesses and protect the pride's territory from intruders. Apart from man, the lion's greatest natural enemy is the hyena. In the game, Lions, like the other Big cats are fed things like steak and chicken, while in the wild, these carnivores eat animals like zebra, wildebeest, antelope, buffalo, and giraffe. Lion's manes get darker as they grow older.

Lions are not as threatened by extinction as are tigers, but the Asian lion is endangered. Only a few hundred remain in the Gir forest sanctuary of India. The Masai lion of eastern Africa is not endangered, however, the Senegal lion of West Africa, the Angolan lion of southwestern central Africa, and the Transvaal lion of South Africa's Kruger national park are all endangered. Two subspecies of African lion are already extinct: the Barbary lion of Northern Africa and the Cape lion of South Africa. Often times in captivity, a white lion is born. White lions are not albinos and they're not a seperate species, but are a genetic mutation, just like white tigers. Lions reproduce well in captivity. Often times they are referred to as "the King of the Jungle".